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Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire

The Complete Roman Army


The Civil War as a Theological Crisis (The Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era)

Roman Military Equipment
This web site is referred to World Wide 11, a team playing in League-A (NEW YORK). Captain: Kamaldeep (Raja).
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The Roman Army Page
The Roman military. Das Roemische Militaer (in German) * Dead link restored * Roman military cults. History of Legio XIV Gemina * Dead link
index html Roman Legions
The Roman Army The Roman Army website is temporarily down. Please check back in March for an update on the status of the site.
The Roman Army
Describes Roman military organisation from the early Republican period through to the late Byzantine period.
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Click the Back button to try another link. Military Miniatures. Search Miniatures. Books and Prints. Kits and Gifts. AeroArt eBay. Aviation Art.
ANCIENT ROMAN ARTILLERY. Ancient artillery can be divided into two primary the manuballista, as described by an ancient military author,
Rome: Military Resources
Roman Military Glossary Excerpted from Roman-Britain.ORG
Legio XX--The Twentieth Legion
has been constructed mainly as an aid for people who want to make or purchase their own reproduction Roman clothing and military equipment.
Lyon --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Lyon capital of Rhône département, east-central France, set on a hilly site at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. A Roman military colony.
Ancient History Sourcebook: Polybius: The Roman Maniple vs. The
Ancient History Sourcebook: Polybius (c.200-after 118 BCE): The Roman Maniple vs. The Macedonian Phalanx
Roman Military Sites in Britain
Roman Military Sites in Britain
ARMAMENTARIVM: Beginners' Guide
A beginners' guide to Roman military equipment
Roman Army: Bibliography
R. Rice, University of Pennsylvania). VIAE ROMANAE: Roman Military Highways, A Bibliography (J. P. Adams)
Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix (Roman Military Research Society)
Welcome to the updated homepage of the award - winning Roman Military Research Society and its display unit, the Vexillatio Legionis XIIII
The Roman Army Illustrated
a history of the ROMAN MILITARY { selected BOOKS { WARGAMES { STOCK ART { ABOUT this site { EMAIL Andy { related LINKS
Roman Army Part I
Covers the Roman army from about 70BC to 30AD, includes descriptions of key officer ranks, formations and military buildings/fortifications.
LEG II AVG - Roman Living History Society.
Reenactment society based in Portsmouth, Hampshire recreates Roman Britain in its military and civilian aspects during the First and Second - A history, archaeological and reenactment community...
Resource for Roman military studies, including an image database for Roman soldier's grave stones with Latin texts, and a discussion group for
Legion XXIV MA - Home Page
and other ancient military personnel, along with those just interested in ancient military history are also most welcome. A Roman Shield
A Roman Military Diploma from Slavonski Brod, English Summary
Pictures: Outer sides of the Roman Military Diploma. Inner sides and text transcription. Theca with removable cover. Witnesses and their seals
Ancient Roman Military - Crystalinks
Ancient Roman Military. Rome was a militarized state whose history was often closely entwined with its military history over the 1229 years that the
Roman Military. LayerMap. Roman Military. Introduction Exercitus Britannicae. The Roman Army of Britain Vallum Hadriani
Athena Review 1,1: Romano-British Sites and Museums
Lists of Sites and Museums: 1: Forts and Military Sites 2. Towns and Villas of Roman Britain The Landings of Caesar in 55 and 54 BC
Military affairs in late antiquity (bibliography supplied by Hugh
Roman Armour, 3rd-6th centuries AD', Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies 1 (1990), 139-160 Dennis, G. T., Three Byzantine Military
La Wren's Nest {Home}
Contact us for the retail price and shipping charges. Click here for information on Roman Day Northeast 2006
Roman Numismatic Gallery
museum showing roman coins, countermarks, military diploma, armour, legions, roman officials on coins, sculptures, portraits, women, historical
Newsletter of the Roman Military Equipment Conference.
Ancient Rome :: The Roman Military
Enthusiasts from Wales and the North of England who aim to authentically depict the civilian and military society of Roman Britain during the late
Mike Bishop
Arma (Newsletter of the Roman Military Equipment Conference) Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies. The Armatura Press. The next ROMEC
Roman365: News
A portal site for the Roman re-enactor. Roman-era-related links, discussion forums, lists of Roman re-enactor groups.
The Armatura Press
enigmatic nurturers of fine books on Roman military studies and astute publishers of the Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies (vol.9-).
The Roman Legions
Roman Military Resources (Dalton School) -- A nice set of links.
LEGION XIIII. Ancient Rome Brought to Life... LEGION X1111
AD 43, and the Great Roman Empire has virtually conquered the world, by force and by skill-at-arms. The Romans have built a formidable military
Lecture 13: A Brief Social History of the Roman Empire
A Brief Social History of the Roman Empire. Though we hurry, we merely crawl; 11,000 were killed at the celebration of a military victory in

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