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Battle for the Ruhr

The U Boat Commanders Handbook

German Army on the Somme, 1914-1916

Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918

Stormtroop Tactics
American Military History
Swiss Army knife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation, search. A Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Some of the various designs produced by Victorinox.
The Civil Air Patrol Reserve Assistance Program (CAPRAP) allows reservists to advise, assist, and motivate CAP personnel in areas of the CAP mission.
British military plane downed in suspected Iraqi insurgent attack
British military plane downed in suspected Iraqi insurgent attack
BBC News
SOUTH ASIA WestPoint Stevens plans China office
WestPoint Stevens plans China office Reuters, 04.20.04, 12:09 PM ET NEW YORK, April 20 (Reuters) - WestPoint Stevens Inc.
Pershings Doughboys WW1 US Army Living History Group (UK)
Pershings Doughboys World War One U.S. Army Living History Group- Dedicated group of UK enthusiasts representing US Army Soliders from WW1. AEF.
The Roman Army Page
The Roman military. Das Roemische Militaer (in German) * Dead link restored * Roman military cults. History of Legio XIV Gemina * Dead link
A Germany-Soviet Military-Economic Comparison
A Germany-Soviet Military-Economic Comparison by Arvo L. Vecamer
Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918
was to document the largely unknown subject of the Austro-Hungarian forces and to provide a mirror to Mick O'Shea's Pocket German Army site.
Original WW2 German militaria, WW2 Red Army militaria, WW2 Soviet...
Original and authentic WW2 German militaria, WW2 Soviet militaria, WW1 militaria and more for sale
ITALIANFRONT.COM Multi-Period Reproduction Uniform Tailoring for the...
tailored multi-period reenactor uniforms and reenacting equipment, collector original militaria and reproduction military uniforms, army
Jim Lumley's Military Photo Page
Welcome to Jim Lumley's Military Photo page. This page features photographs from my military experience.
Lost Battalions Homepage
Direct reproduction WW2 militaria for reenactors and collectors.
World War I - Trenches on the Web
An Internet history of the Great War. This is an evolving project, updated frequently with new material submitted by regular users of this site
Encyclopaedia of the First World War: Women and War
Short biographies of prominent women, including nurses, administrators and writers.
SOLDAT FHQ Museum Quality German World War II Military Replicas and...
selling quality military books and reproductions of German World War II insignia, medals, documents, uniforms and other items.
Landmark Booksellers
military books site - third reich, Hitler youth, luftwaffe, german ground forces, kriegsmarine, medals, allies, axis, imperial, insignia, armoured
Helene's story : We are occupied by the German army
We are occupied by the German army
The World War I Document Archive
World War I has been assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List (WWI-L). Books, Special Topics and Commentaries
The German Conspiracy to Destroy Hitler, 1938-1944
During the 1938 Czech-Sudetenland crisis, the highest ranking officers of the German Army had assembled a commando force in Berlin to
Portraying a Kompanie of a German Army Panzer Grenadier Unit to interpret the life of the common German soldier; events schedule, image gallery,
Welcome to Mikey Hughes Militaria
Kriegsmarine officers dagger, Luftwaffe first and second pattern dagger, Red cross dagger, SA dagger, German army dagger with hanging straps
German Secret Rearmament, 1934-5
it is clearly their intention to allow the German army to be on public view by February next.
The Online Guide to World War II German Helmets
Read about World War I model helmets and how they were used during these difficult times. Heer - The German Army 1935-1945
Das Deutsche Heer 1914
(Lodon: Arms & Armour, 1993) Hoffschmidt & Tantum. German Army & Navy Uniforms & Insignia . (Old Greenwich: We, Inc, 1968) Lomas, David.
Antique and Collectable Firearms and Militaria Headquarters (fr)
with good links to all the great reference information and neat items for sale. visits from all gun collectors and military history
60 Years Later, Honoring the German Army Maj. Karl Plagge
60 Years Later, Honoring the German Army Maj. Karl Plagge, an Unlikely Hero of the Holocaust. By ALISON LEIGH COWAN March 28, 2005
The German Army and Genocide
The German Amry and Genocide. Crimes Against Prisoners of War, Jews and Other Civilians in the East 1939-1944
WWII German Army Plastic Model.
My Cart. Your Basket is Empty. WWII German Army. German Tiger I Mid Production. German Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf.L. German Tiger I Early Production
Welcome to Military Press online.
subjects, including: The British Army, Enigma, Ultra, Signals Intelligence, the French Army, the United States Army, the German Army and U
Jamie Cross Militaria
Jamie Cross Militaria is dedicated to bringing the finest quality original Militaria to the collecting public. We carry only the finest of original
Helion & Company Ltd
UK-based publisher and seller of military books and miniatures.
Füsilier-Regiment 73 Web Sit -- intro-page
We portray a unit of the Imperial German Army and as such strive to do this as accurately as possible.
The Regalia Specialist
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Daily First World War Battlefield Tours at Ypres and the Somme by...
At its furthest point the British Army had advanced 10km. In other places it had not advanced at all. The German Army too had suffered.
German Soldier's Ten Commandments
The German Soldier's Ten Commandments Medical personnel and army chaplains may not be hindered in the execution of their medical, or clerical
German Medals & Decorations
German Cross in Gold Cloth - Army version. Outstanding example of a DKiG in Cloth. Shows natural wear and the paper backing is still intact.
Welcome to KoobleKarWerke
the World War II Wermacht (German Army) Volkswagen Type 82, dubbed by the German soldiers as the Kublewagen (literally "bucket-car

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