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Suggested Books

011 Terra-Cotta Army Museum - Xian
Camera make $cameraMake. Camera model $cameraModel. Sensor type $sensorType 011 Terra-Cotta Army Museum - Xian 3/13/04 12:44 PM 11[27]
Swiss Army knife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation, search. A Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Some of the various designs produced by Victorinox.
This web site is referred to World Wide 11, a team playing in League-A (NEW YORK). Captain: Kamaldeep (Raja).
The Canadian Ram Cruiser Tank
armoured personnel carrier, Badger flame tank, Wallaby ammunition tank, armoured 12 Feb 00 Back to Canadian Armoured Corps Back to Vehicles
Military Vehicle Preservation Association
In our bimonthly publication, SUPPLY LINE, one will find a variety of military vehicles for sale, from fully restored to those in need of
Railwaygun, Armoured train & Military railway webmuseum
Armour in Focus
A resource site for armour enthusiasts containing a large collection of detailed photographs, development histories and specifications of vehicles
The Tank Museum - Bovington
The Official Website of The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset - the Worlds Largest Collection of tanks and armoured fighting vehicles.
Russian steam-engines, armored train
Steam-engines, Historical and military trains, Armored trains
Panzerworld - Germany's weapons and Panzer of World War II
Offers history and specifications of German tanks. Includes updates, articles, statistics, battles, modeling zone, and units.
Sherman Register - Main Page
Site dedicated to the preservation of Sherman tanks and related AFVs. The goal of the site is to publish information not found in mainstream books
Armoured Engineer homepage
Updated - 10 April 2002 Welcome to the new-look Armoured Engineer. I've added a variety of new vehicles.
1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment Association
The home page of the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment Association, the legendary 'Kangaroos' of the British 79th Armoured Division
Army Technology - Golden Season - Military Equipment, MRE Rations,...
Golden Season produce and distribute quality military and civilian equipment including military equipment, mre rations, stretchers and ammunition
Tiger I Information Center
PanzerKampfwagen VI: The Legendary...
Achtung Panzer !
Portrays the history of german tanks and people of the Panzertruppe.
American military helicopters
All about amerivan military helicopters.
The Fort Garry Horse
Garry Horse is an Armoured Reconnaissance unit in the Canadian Army Reserve based at McGregor Armoury in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As an Armoured
Home -
Learn about the history, structure and organization of the German Panzer troops. Includes a collection of panzer songs, poems and a reference
Home Page
Collection of pictures of tanks from WWII to the present. Information such as specifications and remarks are included for each tank. - photographs of Germany's WWII Panzers
Portrays original photographs of German Panzers and other armored military vehicles.
Scots Guards
Print This Page. Page Properties. Add to Favourites. Army Home Page / Infantry Home / Regiments / Scots Guards
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association
The branch association for Armoured (US = Armor) units of the Canadian Forces Land Force (Army), presents basic information on the corps in text with
1/76 & 1/72 SCALE AFV MUSEUM
Display of a large variety of assembled small scale AFV kits in plastic, metal, and resin. Many manufacturers are represented.
The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own)
The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) is an armoured recconnaisance regiment, part of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, based in
REME Sherman Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Sherman Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle (Acc 1984.578) This vehicle is currently on display at the Museum
Russian and Soviet Military Aircraft
Russian and Soviet Military Aircraft by Design Bureau and Manufacturer ANPK "MiG" and MAPO-MiG, Moscow, Russian Federation
Valorcar : Armoured vehicles and Security solutions
Land Cruiser Armored Defender Armoured Land Cruiser Armoured Defender Armored Toyota Armoured Land Rover Armored Mercedes Armoured Mercedes
ARMOURED ACORN - The Canadian Armour Website
New Armour Colour! M548A1 in 3-Tone Pattern New Section! Armoured Vehicle Ammuniton Includes: 2 Pounder 6 Pounder 17 Pounder 77mm
Tanks of World War One
Images of the Great War, World War 1, 1914-1918 Tanks and armoured cars of the First World War
Armored Vehicles of WWII
Specifications and plans of AFVs developed for the armed forces of the World War II era.
! Coventry UK MOD Riot Police Ballistic Combat Protection Bomb...
Coventry UK Riot Police Ballistic Combat Protection UK EOD Shields and Protective Suits Protective Helmets Armoured Vehicles Riot Police Combat
The Roman Army Page
The Roman military. Das Roemische Militaer (in German) * Dead link restored * Roman military cults. History of Legio XIV Gemina * Dead link
Take your media by storm with Mediamecca! High calibre web, video, and audio design studio without all the annoying geek speak. Email
Windsor Regiment
Click here for details. We are an armoured reconnaissance regiment in the Canadian Forces. Looking for a challenging part time job? Click here.
Jankel Armouring Limited
Jankel Guardian Armoured / Armored Police Vehicle Jankel Aigis Armoured / Armored Escort Vehicle Jawad Armoured / Armored Troop Carrier
Armored cars - special protective vehicles from Asbeck Armoring...
This summer we submitted our version of the armoured Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon to independent government testing and certification at the Mellrichstadt
Pictures of preserved WWII tanks in museums, memorials and private collections.

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